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Game will be held on Tuesday, June 11, 2024 at the DE Turf Sports Complex (4000 Bay Rd, Frederica, DE 19946). Girls game will be at 5, with the Boys game to follow

Boys All Star Game Roster


Attack: Domenick Paoli (Charter School of Wilmington)
Attack: Max Garcia (AI duPont High School)
Attack: Drew Duncan (Archmere Academy)
Attack: Logan Keld (Caravel Academy)
Attack: Josh Haney (Wilmington Christian School)
Midfield: Andrew Taylor (Sanford)
Attack: Rowyn Nurry (Salesianum School)
Attack: Elliott Dotson (Salesianum School)
Attack: Nick Winchell (Wilmington Friends School)
Attack: Ty Montgomery (Red Lion Christian Academy)
Defense: Chase Cellucci (Salesianum School)
Defense: Lucas Ryan (Salesianum School)
Defense: Quinn Green (Wilmington Friends School)
Defense: Brendan Burke (Archmere Academy)
Defense: Ben Anton (Salesianum School)
Defense: Braeden Korb (Salesianum School)
Defense: Andrew McKenzie (Wilmington Friends School)
F/O: Seth Campbell (Concord High School)
F/O: Braeden Shipp (Wilmington Friends School) zxCdsafg
Goalie: Shane Wright (Delcastle Technical High School)
Goalie: Coale Crouch (Tower Hill School)
Goalie Daniel Bajwa (Mount Pleasant High School)
Goalie: Joseph Wardell (Conrad Schools of Science)
LSM/DEF: Nathan DeLorme (Newark Charter School)
LSM/DEF: Gavin Lee (Archmere Academy)
Midfield: Edwin O’Connor (Delaware Military Academy)
Midfield: Brady Colarik (Sanford School)
Midfield: Daniel Mitchell (Saint Mark's High School)
Midfield: Eli Baffone (Tatnall School)
Midfield: Owen Teaney (Concord High School)
Midfield: Kevin Dolan (Wilmington Friends School)
Midfield: Cole Fenice (Archmere Academy)
Midfield: Miles Kempski (Archmere Academy)
Midfield: Bastian Micolucci (Tatnall School)
Midfield: Lucas Vahey (Salesianum School) 

Midfield: Colin Arcari (Archmere Academy)

Midfield: Noah Driggs (Salesianum School) 

Midfield: Crawford Abbott (Saint Mark's High School)

Head Coach: Pete Duncan

Coach: Bob Healy

Coach: Jake Rashkind

Attack: Jake Wagner (Smyrna High School)
Attack: Lukas Newman (Appoquinimink High School)
Attack: Max Marx (Sussex Central High School)
Attack: Micheal Hoffert (Sussex Academy)
Attack/Midfield: Patrick Craig (Caesar Rodney High School)
Attack: Logan Kaiser (Smyrna High School)
Attack: Michael Roscetti (Middletown High School)
Attack: Micheal Guenther (Cape Henlopen High School)

LSM: Tristan Kalloo (St. Andrew's School)
LSM: Cotton Collins (Woodbridge High School)
LSM: Bryce Johnson (Indian River High School)
Defense/LSM: Ashton Stafford (Caesar Rodney High School)
Defense/LSM: Andrew Hoffert (Sussex Academy)
Defense: Dominick Barbosa Eacho (Dover High School)
Defense: Jacob Walsh (First State Military Academy)
Defense: Jason Wallace (Middletown High School)
Defense: Aston Hudson (Milford High School)
Defense: Zymere Hopkins (Sussex Technical High School)
Goalie: Bruce Macolley (Odessa High School)
Goalie: Israel Amajioyi (Delmar High School)
Goalie: Wyatt Snyder (Indian River High School)
Goalie: Dylan Bennett (Caesar Rodney High School)
Midfield: Jack Schell (Cape Henlopen High School)
​Midfield: Alex Szell (Polytechnical High School of Kent County
​Midfield: Jack Murdaugh (Middletown High School)
​Midfield: Jack Huss (Cape Henlopen High School)
​Midfield: Austin Pheasant (St. George's Technical High School)
​Midfield: Lucas Stevenson (Cape Henlopen High School)
​Midfield: Landon Hudson (Milford High School)
​Midfield: Braden Hill (Odessa High School)
​Midfield: Carter Mason (Delmar High School)
​Midfield: Bryce Wright (Sussex Technical High School)
​Midfield: Josh Jordan (Middletown High School)
​Midfield: Harrison Cotton (Odessa High School)
​Midfield: Anderson Smith (Cape Henlopen High School)
Head Coach: Mark Reynolds
Coach: Brian DeChants
Coach: Daniel Wagner

Girls Rosters


Midfield: Kayla Murphy (Brandywine)
Attack: Morgan Echeverria (Brandywine)
Midfield: Riley Faircloth (Caesar Rodney)
Midfield: Lauren Wark (Caesar Rodney)
Attack: Lyndsey Weller (Caesar Rodney)
Goalkeeper: Anna Lopez (Cape Henlopen)
Midfield: Anna Sullivan (Cape Henlopen)
Mid/Defense: Olivia Morand (Dover)
Attack: Regan Vidrine (Dover)
Goalkeeper: Savanna Wise (Dover)
Midfield: Ashtyn Torbert (Dover)
Attack: Emma Massey (Lake Forest)
Goalkeeper: Giulia Sweet (Lake Forest)
Attack: Madison Houdek (Lake Forest)
Defense: Montana Golden (Lake Forest)
Attack: Arianna Hutchison (Middletown)
Defense: Aubrey Small (Middletown)
Attack: Nina Cooper (Milford)
Defense: Kyra Johnsom (Milford)
Attack/Mid: Addison Nelson (Newark Charter)
Defense: Addison Kennedy (Newark Charter)
Goalkeeper: Ava Ferry (Newark Charter)
Defense:  Addyson Whitaker (Smyrna)
Defense:  Janna Fretz (Smyrna)
Attack: Abigale Matthews (Smyrna)
Midfield: Claire Fowler (Ursuline)
Defense: Isabella Tesche (Ursuline)

Coach: Stephanie Mark

Coach: Corinne Valentine


Goalkeeper: Ellie DiCarlo (Archmere)

Midfield: Bella Hughes (Archmere)

Attack/Mid: Marley Brown (Archmere)

Defense: Katie Schaller (Archmere)

Defense/Mid: Adelyn Roth (Charter School of WIlmington)

Attack: Ava DiBiase (Charter School of Wilmington)

Attack: Rose Bartnicki (Conrad)

Attack: Claire Johnson (Indian River)

Attack: Alexis Henderson (Odessa)

Attack: Taylor Mahoney (Odessa)

Defense/Mid: Alexa Kite (Odessa)

Midfield: Madison Todd (Polytech)

Attack: Molly Kenney (Polytech)

Midfield: Christina Phillips (Polytech)

Attack: Callie Short (Sussex Academy)

Midfield: Yanai Vargas (St. George’s)

Attack/Mid: Brianna Womer (St. George’s)

Attack/Def: Jaelynn Barksdale (St. George’s)

Midfield: Ivy Qualls (Tatnall)

Defense: Kate O’Neal (Tatnall)

Goalkeeper: Devon Chipman (Tatnall)

Goalkeeper: Tessa Gattuso (Tower Hill)

Defense: Anna Schlobach (Tower Hill)

Defense: Elle Kirkellis (Tower Hill)

Midfield: Margot Kuennen (Delaware Military Academy)

Goalie: Katelyn Beachell (Delaware Military Academy)

Defense/Mid: Emma Alfree (Delaware Military Academy)

Attack: Ellie Barbato (Delaware Military Academy)

Attack: Lola Gray (Concord)

Defense: Lilly Killen (Concord)

Midfield: Madden Cole (Concord)

Coach: Ruth Hiller 

Coach: Taylor Lambeth


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